Thursday, July 31, 2008

My swimmers!!

Zoe really loves the pool , they spent all day at my aunts in the pool, and she is so good in it as long as she has all her floaties!
This was the first time zane would get into a floatie, i bought him one and he refuses but at my aunts he wouldnt get out of it lol
This is my uncle gary in the pool with the kids, they kept calling him grandpa all day lol
Theres naked zane on uncle gary lol, by the end of the day i was so tired of putting diapers on him to get into pool and then get him out and 10 minutes later he was back in so i just let him run nude and get into pool naked and he loved it, except my cousin didn't want he decided to take a leak on his shoes lol! Gotta love boys!

new pics and stuff

Here are some new pics of me and the kids at my aunts for our family reunion barbaque. Jake didn't make it but me and the kids had a blast, the 2nd photo is my sister kara, mom, zane, me, sister leah and zoe! We had a fun week last week, had two family cookouts, six flags, went to movies to see mamma mia! What more could you ask for!!


Well its been awhile, we are doing good just being busy with playdates and enjoying summer! We had family visiting last week from california so we were busy with stuff! Now unwinding and staying inside beating this heat, I wanna try and get in some more fun stuff before school starts for zoe on august 25th! Jake is on vacation in 2 weeks so we got lots planned then! I am off to the dr for a check up but will post some new posts and pics soon!!