Thursday, July 2, 2009


Wow i havent posted in forever because mainly everyone i post for is on facebook now! So where do i begin!! Well we made the horriable mistake of going to the dallas zoo today for dollar day, why i do not know when we can easily afford the regular admission in any other day, and it was insanely hot and crowded,we lasted 2 hours lol....Tomorrow we are going to tackle the dart rail and go to the dallas world aqurium...Then going out with friends for jacobs bday and i think saturday we are going to chill at home, i might take the kids out to fireworks not sure, every other year zoe has freaked out but i think zane would love it so maybe just me and zane will go out tomorrow night...Next week i am tackling potty training zane...Wish me luck, i have no idea what i am doing with a boy! Girls are alot easier i think! I tell him to wipe, hubby tells him to shake lol , i tell him to sit down and call his underwear panties because i am so use to that with zoe, jacob calls them his underwear or boxers and tells him to stand up! So this will be fun! Well thats about it! We are so exciting!! lol