Monday, November 17, 2008

Random Pics

So this is just random stuff. We went a few weeks ago to the christmas parade at willowbend mall and saw the snowglobes and kids had fun but it was really crowded so we just walked around, we have been busy with school, playdates and all the fun family stuff. Zoe this month was diagnosed with a slight form of autism called PDD - Pervasive Development Disorder, we have a meeting with the school and drs and stuff wednesday to go over what there gonna change in her school program and what we need to do. She is getting alot better then when she was first being tested. The PDD has to do with social and oral skills. But she is working on them and has improved alot since being in school! Enjoy the pics!!


So i never posted about halloween, we have a fun busy day!! Zoe got to dress up the day before halloween at school, it was sopposed to be dress for sucess and kids dressed in what they wanna be when they grow up, well zoe wont tell you anything so she wanted to wear her minnie mouse dress and we said she was a actresss cus this girl can really act lol, she can act out scenes in a movie so good and have the correct emotions lol. So halloween day i hosted a halloween party for the kids and then we went downtown to mckinney for there scare on the square and then went out that night trick or treating with the kids and then handed out candy! Zoe loved it so much she keeps asking every day if its halloween and trick or treating again so we have to come up with a calender to count down to another year lol. Enjoy some of the pics!

Just let them be!

Ok so i have been reading and hearing all the stuff about prop 8 in california and now how the mormans are being attacked and targeted since the bill didn't go through. Heres my opionion, I think whoever wants to be married should be married, husband and wife, two guys, two girls, whatever! I dont think its anyones right to tell us who we can and can't marry. Especially the government, next there going to be telling us how to raise our kids, discipline them, what time to go to bed lol. EVery person should be able to think for themselves, what is it doing to us that they can't get married? NOTHING! IF ya dont like it then dont have gay friends! If one of my kids turned out to be gay i wouldn't want someone telling them they couldn't get married or have kids or anything, they should be loved no matter what and supported. So anyways thats my thoughts on this! Have a good day!