Thursday, August 28, 2008

Christmas in August

So I signed up on this site called and you can register to host parties for like toys, food, new shows, etc. Well i was chosen for the fisher price playdate which i am hosting next week so they send me all these fun toys for free for everyone to play and try out and then everyone coming ( well 10 people ) get free goodie bags of toys, coupons,etc! So we got the toys today and the kids are in heaven, its like christmas to them lol, i think we just got enough stuff we dont have to buy presents hehe. Here are some things we got:

  • 1 Laugh & Learn™ Smart Bounce & Spin Pony™
  • 1 Laugh & Learn™ Fun with Friends™ Musical Table
  • 1 Amazing Animals™ Spinnin’Around Musical Zoo
  • 1 Go Baby Go Crawl & Cruise Musical Jungle™
  • 10 Fisher-Price toys to share with your guests, including Poppity Pop™, Rock-A-Stack®, and Snap Lock® Beads
  • 10 Infant Product Guides
  • 10 coupons for the Fisher-Price®
Also our morning walk killed me this morning lol , we walked around like 2 times and it was my first time in awhile. Here is a pic before we started our walk.

Fun week

So we have had a fun week! Zoe is doing wonderful in school and loves it! Me and zane have been having fun together while she is at school, monday we joined some friends at mcdonalds for lunch and zane just had a blast, then we did the same tuesday and wednesday we had a playdate at the house and it was a blast! Lots of boys so zane was having a good time sharing his toys! We even managed to get a group photo this time! Today we are about to head to the park for our morning walk before i take zoe to school and let them play at the playground for awhile then while zoe is in school i think i am gonna get some cleaning done and then tonight i am off for some sushi with the girls!! Tomorrow is pretty low key too while zoe is at school me and zane are gonna hit up the divine consign kids sale in plano and look for some new toys and furniture and then this weekend we have our playgroups big 1 year anniversary pool party so lets hope it doesnt rain, i cant believe i created my group a year ago and have made some amazing friends for me and the kids and i love everytime we get together and all the wonderful people and friends in my group! Enjoy our pics!

Monday, August 25, 2008

zoes 1st day of preschool

Well today was zoes first day of school, she went for a month in may then was out for summer , she started today at a new school, a much better school thats like 5 minutes from the house! Unfortunatly its not the school she will stay at when she starts kindergarten, that one is behind our house! woot! She goes monday thru friday from 10:45 to 1:15, today went good even against all her protests and her saying she wasn't going! We will see how tomorrow goes hehe.

Crazy kids!

So zane loves to do whatever his sister does! That includes play dress up! The other week zoe was in her princess dress and zane wanted to wear it too so zoe gave him her smaller older one! Jake didn't think it was so cute lol.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Zane at birth, that was when he first came out before he showed the signs of all the bruising, poor baby!!
Here is at a few days old, he was so small and cute!
Zanes first bday!
Zane at 12 months
Zane now at 19 1/2 months.

Zane is getting so big, so fast, he is still small, is in the 25th percintle for everything, which to me is so funny cus zoe has always been huge and way above average so to me he is still so tiny lol. He still can wear 12 months clothes! He is very boyish and loves anything with wheels, he loves cars,trucks, trains. He also loves shoes lol that boy is obsessed. Enjoy!


Zoe as a newborn, i believe she was like 2 weeks old
1 or 2 weeks old
Zoes 1st birthday! She was big!
Zoes 2nd bday! She is alot bigger then zane is lol
Zoe now! lol and she has grown since then!!

So i know i haven't posted only about her in awhile so here is an update :
She is 3, she is very independant, stubborn, smart and i think she is gonna have a talent in acting, that girl can immitate movies right down to the emotions lol, its hilarious, she loves to sing and dance along and she is very into the disney princesses right now. She starts school next week preschool and goes 5 days a week for almost 3 hours a day. She already started in may and then was out for summer and goes back! So excited! Here are some pics of zoe! Look how much she has grown!

Old School

So i found these really old pics and misc stuff looking thru some old picture albums , so i scanned them and thought i would share! Have fun laughing! I have some new pics of the kids to share but my batteries in my camera are dead and i cant find the recharger!!
Me as a baby!
I believe i was about 5 or so here
Me and my sisters at universal studios in florida, i was about 16 or 17
Me and my sister Kara and her friend Amanda ( shes like a little sister to me too ) bowling! I was preggo with zoe and didn't know it there!
Me and Tiffani ( my old assistant manager at EarthBound ) St Patricks Day , I had just turned 21 woot!!
Jakes senior pic!
Jake right when we first started dating! We were thin back then lol
My bachlorette party!! Woot i was sooo sunburned!!( Colby, Mariah, forgot the name in the yellow, Jessica, Sarah and Cara )
Me and JAke on my 21st Bday at the melting pot! Then we went over to Petes Dueling Piano Bar!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Well Jake has been on vacation all last week so its been nice and relaxing! We didn't do much but relax which was very needed. I feel refreshed now and ready to go! Here are some highlights of our week :

Went and saw the new mummy movie out, then after we saw it i realized we hadn't watched the others in a long time so we rented mummy 1 and me and jake and zane watched it, man that movie is old!!

We went to the Dallas World Aquarium and Museum of Science and Natural History and the kids had a blast! We spent all day friday out there, zane loved the large shark tank and the huge wall where you could watch the manatees and sea turtles. Zoe loved the bats in the black light and the sloths lol. Then they loved the children museum and could spend all day playing down there, think next year we are going to get memberships to both places so we can go anytime.

Then I got to spend the day shopping with my little girl and getting her school clothes and supples for her to start school ( preschool ) next week on the 25th, its alot of fun dressing her up, she is starting to get more girly but i learned she doesn't like shopping lol, just buy her stuff, try it on at home and then return it. Zane is my shopper, he loves shopping for shoes, clothes ,etc. So he is my new shopping buddy! We got some pretty good deals and sales!

Today i just have to go grocery shopping and then have a girls night at starbucks! lol So exciting!

This week we are gonna have alot of fun possiable before zoe starts her school, she will go monday thru friday for 2 1/2 hours a day 10:45 to 1:15, luckily this time its by the house and not clear across town so it will give me and zane more time to do things! I am excited for her, she says she is not going but she will , it will be a hard first week and then she will get into the routine, thats how zoe is. Hope everyone is doing well, leave me some love! I will post some new pics soon! Camera batteries are dead lol.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Playdates # 2

Zane playing with trucks at mrs britts preschool playdate
the kids playing with zanes cars
zoe and ethan and hunter watching dinosaur movie
zoe at mrs britts letter of the week playdates
all the kids with there ocean murals they made
Zane and Rory at Towne lake for playdate
All the sassy mommas and kids
Mrs Britts letter of the week playdates
zoe and the kids playing a parachute game
Zoe coloring and learning the letter P

Fun Summer Playdates

Zane at Aviator PArk one of the coolest parks!
Him climbing with his juice box in the planes
Zane swinging and the backside of me hehe
Zoe before she went in the splash pad area!
The kids playing in what zoe calls the beach
Zane and his friend Isla reading to him
Zane and his pal rory eating some yummy ice cream cake on chocolate chip day!
After the kids sugar high!!
Zoe at mcdonalds her home away from home! She finally will climb up in the playarea lol
Zane and his pal Kota playing video games at mcdonalds!

We have some fun summer playdates while school was out! Enjoy some of our fun highlights!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Zoes Haircut!

Well I finally did it! I took zoe to get her hair cut before school starts, she has never had the back of her hair cut and it was long down to her butt, but it would get so tangled and so long she couldn't wear it down it would get in her way but i hated to cut it because she had the precious curls!! But we did, i took her to the cutest girly salon for girls called sweet n sassy in frisco, she got about 3 inches cut off and it really makes a differance! Enjoy!!