Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fun week

So we have had a fun week! Zoe is doing wonderful in school and loves it! Me and zane have been having fun together while she is at school, monday we joined some friends at mcdonalds for lunch and zane just had a blast, then we did the same tuesday and wednesday we had a playdate at the house and it was a blast! Lots of boys so zane was having a good time sharing his toys! We even managed to get a group photo this time! Today we are about to head to the park for our morning walk before i take zoe to school and let them play at the playground for awhile then while zoe is in school i think i am gonna get some cleaning done and then tonight i am off for some sushi with the girls!! Tomorrow is pretty low key too while zoe is at school me and zane are gonna hit up the divine consign kids sale in plano and look for some new toys and furniture and then this weekend we have our playgroups big 1 year anniversary pool party so lets hope it doesnt rain, i cant believe i created my group a year ago and have made some amazing friends for me and the kids and i love everytime we get together and all the wonderful people and friends in my group! Enjoy our pics!

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Linda said...

What fun Rachel! We ALWAYS do our winter shopping at DC and this year it just snuck up on us and we didn't get to do it. Hope you get some pretty cool things!