Thursday, August 21, 2008

Old School

So i found these really old pics and misc stuff looking thru some old picture albums , so i scanned them and thought i would share! Have fun laughing! I have some new pics of the kids to share but my batteries in my camera are dead and i cant find the recharger!!
Me as a baby!
I believe i was about 5 or so here
Me and my sisters at universal studios in florida, i was about 16 or 17
Me and my sister Kara and her friend Amanda ( shes like a little sister to me too ) bowling! I was preggo with zoe and didn't know it there!
Me and Tiffani ( my old assistant manager at EarthBound ) St Patricks Day , I had just turned 21 woot!!
Jakes senior pic!
Jake right when we first started dating! We were thin back then lol
My bachlorette party!! Woot i was sooo sunburned!!( Colby, Mariah, forgot the name in the yellow, Jessica, Sarah and Cara )
Me and JAke on my 21st Bday at the melting pot! Then we went over to Petes Dueling Piano Bar!

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