Thursday, August 21, 2008


Zoe as a newborn, i believe she was like 2 weeks old
1 or 2 weeks old
Zoes 1st birthday! She was big!
Zoes 2nd bday! She is alot bigger then zane is lol
Zoe now! lol and she has grown since then!!

So i know i haven't posted only about her in awhile so here is an update :
She is 3, she is very independant, stubborn, smart and i think she is gonna have a talent in acting, that girl can immitate movies right down to the emotions lol, its hilarious, she loves to sing and dance along and she is very into the disney princesses right now. She starts school next week preschool and goes 5 days a week for almost 3 hours a day. She already started in may and then was out for summer and goes back! So excited! Here are some pics of zoe! Look how much she has grown!

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