Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What is with all the sickness!!!!

So this morning we wake up and zane has to go to the dr for a shot they were out of last week and his re check on his ear and zoe wakes up sick, complaining her tummy hurts and just looking at her you can tell. So on the way to the dr they both fall asleep, i didnt want to wake zoe so my sister met us up there and sat with her in the car, zane still didn't get his shot cus there still out of it so he just got his re check, she is watching his right ear cus fluid isn't draining out of it, so we have to go back in 4 weeks and go from there and I have to make another trip next week to get his other shot! At this point i might as well wait until next month when he goes back. So then we get home and i am pulling up to the house and zoe spews everywhere!! So I got them inside, put her in shower, zane in crib watching baby einstein and i got it all cleaned up, then she throws up again but thats been the last time, she doesn't feel as hot anymore and we s Oh yea yesterday zoe went in for her hearing test and she passed everything, she did have some air in her left ear or something like that where her ear drum was pulled back but they said it was from congestion and come back in 3 months and re check but nothing to interfere with development delay or speech. So we have our ECI meeting next week and go from there with her speech. Thats it for now!

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