Thursday, September 25, 2008

My poor Zane!

Well long story short zane has to get re circumcized. When we was born the ob didn't do it correctly and i noticed he didnt look like the other boys that were. So i asked the pediatrician and she said they didnt cut off enough skin but it looked fine at the time and it was more cosmetic or for religious beliefs if we wanted to re do it at the time, well we decided no he was fine and healthy, well now that hes gotten older almost 2 its bothering him, this is kinda gross but when it gets hard he screams in pain and its throbbing red, its like its trying to stretch and the skin it stuck together and it can't stretch anymore and its hurting him. So i took him to the pediatric urologist today and he said he is gonna have to get it re done. It will be a day surgery, surgery should only take an hour or so then we can take him home, he will be put under :( Thats the scary part for me! And then the pain he will be in afterwards, he said they will give him pain meds and it takes about 3-6 weeks to recover and he has to avoid any activities that he could hurt himself in so no bounce houses, trampolines, or rough housing or pretty much anything that would involve getting hit in the crotch lol. Poor guy! They are suppose to call me tomorrow to set a date for the surgery so i will update!

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