Monday, October 6, 2008

State Fair Experiance 2008

Whew!!! Was today an experiance!! So today my friends daughter was out for her fair day so i decided after zoe got out of school we would meet up with them, so i pick zoe up and we get out there about 2:30, we had a blast, we did the kids farm thing where they go around and do things on a farm and then earn rewards which is healthy snacks which of course my kids didn't want lol , zoe did try a granola bar and ate half of it cus it had chocolate chips in it so that was amazing! Then after that zoe fell asleep and we went and walked around and looked at all the cars which zane was amazed by! He loved touching them lol and of course mommy enjoyed picking out all the cars she wants! hehe, then while my friends daughter was doing the rock climbing wall me and zane enjoyed a wonderful belgian waffle with powdered sugar, whip cream and strawberries! Yummy and messy! lol Then we went and walked around more and looked at all the arts n crafts and people selling there stuff then zoe woke up so we went to the bird show and they loved it, i was surprised! Then my grandma met up with us because she works out there and gave the kids a bunch of tickets to ride rides so off we went and zoe rode lots of fun rides that are overly priced lol, zane was tall enough but i didn't want him riding without me so he just watched and ate cotton candy and was fine. Then finally it was time for the parade, zoe loved it, she thought all the girls on the floats were princesses hehe. Then my friend and her daughter left because hse is 9 months preggo and couldn't take it anymore, so me and the kids thought we would stay for hte fireworks/laser show, so we walk all the way over there and this is when the real fun begins! We are watching it, zoe isn't freaking out normally like she does at fireworks so i am like yay!! We can finally do 4th of july again! Then all of a sudden i notice all these cops in hellicopters flying around with spotlights on around the fair flashing around the midway area and so i am like crap thats where i am parked maybe we should go now, so we start heading that way to leave and i see all these gang unit police and police on horses running around everywhere so now i am like oh no how are we gonna leave, so we make it to an officer that wasn't busy and i asked if it was safe to go that way to my car and she said no for me to NOT take the kids that way and to walk all the way around the other side of the park to the entrance closer to the midway where i am parked, so fine me and the kids hike all the way around and we made it to the exit and we made it to the car , everything is still going on, so i run and get us in the car and leave the fair and am heading to my exit to get to highway and i pass it of course so i went up to do a u turn and then i see it, there are cops surrounding the jack n box and mcdonalds across from the fair and all these teenagers and kids are outside so lol i decided not to do a uturn and find another way, so we did and we are now home safe! LOL so moral of the story, if your alone leave before it gets dark lol! We had a blast though!! Will post pics soon!

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