Monday, December 8, 2008

Our weekend getaway

me and jake at the reception
the cake
the reception
the ceremony afterwards, they love to take pics with EVERYONE lol
some fountain in the middle of the church, didn't know what it was, i wanted to push jake into it hehe
the st jude catholic church, it was gorgous
they were just done

So one of the guys jake works with got married this past weekend and it was kinda weird how the ceremonies were, the wedding was at 1 in allen and then reception was at 6 in richardson so my mom took the kids for the weekend for us and we decided to make a weekend out of it and we got a nice hotel room at the renaissance hotel in richardson and we went to the wedding first and it was very beautiful, it was a catholic vietnamese ceremony, jake didn't ask him if it was going to be in english, we arrived and we were the only english people there lol everyone was vietnamese and the whole ceremony was in vietnamese and it was catholic so me and jake had no idea what was going on lol, we would just stand and neel and stand and neel when they did and it was long! But it was very beautiful and intimate just wish i knew what was going on lol. So then we went and checked into the hotel which was beautiful and then went to Fox and Hound to kill time and watched the florida game with all the gator heads there lol, it was like a big party! Then we went to the reception which was alot of fun there were a few people that were there from jakes work i knew and then we made friends with the ladies at our table, the food was really weird but it was good and we had a blast! It was nice to get away even if it was not far lol.

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