Monday, December 8, 2008

Our Thanksgiving 2008

our adopted sister angie
my moms twin terry and my sister leah
my aunt connie
we were playing cards
my aunt connie and mom and grandma cleaning up
my dad and zoe
zoe and thats my sister leah in bed, she was tired from working the night before and zoe put all her toys on top of her lol
zoe and zane waiting for everyone to arrive, we had a cowboys theme going on lol
my pumpkin spice cupcakes i made

Well this year for thanksgiving we decided to stay at home and not go to jakes parents and have all my family over since usually every year every holiday we go over to jakes family since mine doesn't celebrate holidays so this year we just had what we call a family potluck and get together and ate turkey and everything, watched the football game, drank and played games! It was a total blast and enjoyed having all my crazy family over! My mom and dad and sisters came over, my grandma and aunt connie, aunt terry and uncle gary and cousins jeff and bailey, my sisters friend angela and of course me, jake and the kids. It was loud,nosiy and fun! Here are a few pics.

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